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Interviewer: Ty will speak with an expert onfluoride at the conference here, as well. Just talk about water in general andhow important is nourishing with good water and then how hard is that tofind. 

Ty: Yeah, well you know we already talked aboutthe chemicals that are in the water. The fluoride, the arsenic, the lead in thewater. Thank God, you know we live in place where we have well water. So we'renot getting the fluoride and the arsenic and the lead and, chlorine and othercontaminants that are in the water. there was a Dr. Batman. Dr. Batman Belk(sp) ¬†is his name from Saudi Arabia. Iran somewhere. It was Iran. Yeah, it wasIran. And he was the one that wrote the book Your Body's Many Cries For Water,I think it's what the title of it was. 

And well he was... he went to prison in theearly 80s in Iran. And while he was in prison, I think it was an excess ofthree hundred patients that he treated. for uh, for different ailments anddiseases with water. And he said, "The problem is that you're not sick.It's that you're thirsty." And he, his, his thesis was that everyone waschronically dehydrated. As a result of chronic dehydration, your body's seventypercent water, so if you don't have the water in your body, you can't functionproperly. You hydrate, and you can take care of the problems and, and he wasnot using good water either, by the way. He was using contaminated water theyhad in the prison, and he was curing folks of their ailments using contaminatedwater.

Now I'm not to say, go drink contaminated water;that's all he had. But it hydrated their bodies. So, good hydration's essentialto good health. Now, we talked about the kind of water you should drink. if youcan stay away from bottled water, I would. Um, good natural fresh spring water'sgreat, but I mean, who has a natural fresh spring? So you need some kind of afilter typically. I love the big Berkeys. Berkey light. The sports Berkeys, thetravel Berkeys that you can, you know all the Berkey brands are excellent waterfilters. And so, what you can do is you can bring it with you in any waterfountain, you can fill it up and it'll filter out the additives to the water.And so that's what my family typically brings with us when we're on a trip, iswe'll bring the little travel Berkeys. They have they own little filter in it. 

I used to recommend spring water bottle water,but I just can't anymore because of when I research, the more I see these,these phytoestrogens are not the phytoestrogens that's plant estrogen. Thexenoestrogens. The fake estrogens that are in the chemicals, that are in theplastics are leeching into the waters. And what they're doing is their creatingan estrogen effect in your body, which is then causing estrogen dominantcancers. Because it's not about... males have testosterone and females haveestrogen, we all have estrogen and testosterone. It's the ratio that we have.And so when your ratio of testosterone to estrogen gets out of whack, and iffor a male when your testosterone begins to decrease or your estrogenincreases, the ratio's not in, in balance. That's when you can be diagnosedwith these estrogen-type cancers, and the same with females.

When they're overloaded with estrogen then theyhave the breast cancers and the uterine cancers and the cervical cancers. Sothose... the plastics that are in the bottled water as well as the pesticideson the foods. The pesticides have a uh, estrogenic effect on us as well. We gethit with all these fake estrogens from everywhere. And that's the reason toavoid soy. The phytoestrogens in soy, the genistein and daidzein are bothphytoestrogen, and they, and they have been linked with estrogen-type cancers.Plus, they're genetically modified now. Ninety-four percent last year, 2011, ofthe soy beans in the U.S.A. are GMO now and think it's 89 percent of corn.


Medical researcher Ty Bollinger discusses different sources of water and which might be your healthiest option. He discusses natural spring water, filtered and bottled. Find out which might be your best option, depending on where you live.

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