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Scott: When it comes to antioxidants, do most people get enough through their food, even the people who think they eat really well, or is it almost something that you need some help supplementing?

Angela Bruer-Balouch: That's a really great point. A lot of us think we eat healthy, including myself. I thought I was eating healthy. I thought I was taking good care of myself. When I had my antioxidants levels checked, they were low. 

I consciously knew that I wasn't drinking enough water. I could improve my vegetable intake, so I made some changes. I started making sure that I was receiving eight hours of sleep, managing my stress a little bit more, maybe not working as hard and using those reading or meditation moments for more relaxation. I was actually able to change my antioxidant levels from low to high by consciously making those changes. Knowing it is really important, because then you can modify and change. 

We think we eat healthy, but are there antioxidants in proteins? No. Are there antioxidants in bread? No. The average America is eating 1.8 servings of fruits and vegetables. Are we getting enough antioxidants in our daily diets? No. We're not. When we're using this tool that measures the antioxidants, over 75-85% of the people are scoring on the very low end.
Even if you think you're eating a proper diet, you likely aren't getting enough antioxidants. That's what nutritionist Angela Bruer-Balouch says in this video. Find out what you can do to help raise your levels.

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