You Probably Didn't Know the 'Only Cause of Any Form of Disease'!

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The only cause of anyform of disease at the end of the day, or condition, mental health conditionalso is lack of energy. And we have to define this lack of energy. And, usuallylack of energy is caused to 86% by mental and emotional stress. We haveclinical statistics that 86% of all illness and doctor visits are stressrelated. [Stanford] University conducted a study and concluded that 95% of allillness and health conditions are somewhat stress related. And this issomething we need to look at. We need to look at the facts, even if we say 86%of all illness, of all counsels are stress related. Mental and emotional stressrelated. People need to understand. They think, "Oh, if I'm working allday and I have a physical labor, a job where I have to do physical labor, thatstresses me out." No, it doesn't. It's physical stress. You have a goodrestful eight hours of sleep, and you are absolutely fine from the physicalstress. You regenerate and recuperate. But if you have mental and emotionalstress, living in constant worries, doubts, and fears, lack of self love, lackof self respect, lack of hope, being afraid of the economy, being afraid theremight not be money tomorrow, the dollar might be destroyed, the euro might bedestroyed, the president is calling out Marshal law, things like that. Or wehave another swine flu pandemic that they created again to try to forcefullyvaccinate us. Didn't work out the last two years, or the last three timesactually they tried that because people are too awake, and too aware. Thanks topeople like you, and Paul Andrews, from the [inaudible 02:00] and we are allout here educating people.


Dr. Leonard Coldwell discusses the impact of stress on health conditions in the body. He also discusses energy and how that plays a role in stress, which, in turn, affects the body and it's overall health

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