You Won't Believe How Much Fluoride Is in Your Water!

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Interviewer:  Doctor, can you just explain what fluoride is?

Doctor:  Well, what it is, is the triumph of politics over science for over 60 years, but ostensibly fluoridation is the addition of a fluoride containing compound to the drinking water in order to fight tooth decay.  And the argument has it that at one part per million, one milligram of fluoride ions per liter; it's perfectly safe, but in fact, one milligram per liter or one part per million is about 250 times the level in mother's milk. So it may sound small to some people, but it's very large in the scheme of things.

That means a bottle fed baby in a fluoridated community is getting 250 times more fluoride than nature intended or 250 times more than a breast fed baby would get. And we're very concerned about what that fluoride is doing to the baby's developing tissues.


Do you think most city water has 'safe' levels of fluoride? Professor Paul Connett discusses what typical levels of fluoride are in drinking water. He has an interesting example to show just how much you might be getting. But that's also the same amount someone that is considerably smaller is getting as well. You won't believe how much fluoride is in your water, especially for people like that!

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