You Won't Believe How Roundup, or Glyphosate, Affects You!

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Scott: If it's (Roundup) being used so much, do we know much people actually ingest from the food that we eat?  I mean, you hear the whole spectrum saying rinse it off, rinse off your food and it's fine to be careful what you eat, the clean 15 and all that.  Do we know how much we're getting into our body?

Dr. Don Huber: Well, to start with, it's a systemic chemical.  Just like 24D, it's taken up and that's what's made it such a popular herbicide, is you can squirt it on the plant and it distributes throughout the plant then.  Moves down into the root system and then about 15-20 percent will move out into the soil for that antibiotic activity there.  So any time you're eating the food, you're going to have glyphosate in it, if it's been sprayed with it.  Or if it's taking it up from the soil because it's a systemic chemical.  It accumulates in the root tips, shoot tips and the reproduct structures.  Well those are the things that we eat.  We know that our levels, in the surveys that have been done and there, um... it would be nice to have a lot more data, but we know that our levels are anywhere from 16 to 160 times what they are in Europe where they don't have the genetically engineered crops grown.  They do import soy beans and feed them to the animals.  But glyphosate also accumulates in the bones, in the muscle, the heart, the brain, ahh liver, kidneys, so that you have even 160 times more glyphosate in breast milk, than you have in the urine.  So that it's accumulating in the body.  Again it's a very toxic entitiy on a long-term basis.  It's like tobacco, it's a chronic toxin.  Not an accute toxin, so you don't die immediately, just like you don't keel over dead when you smoke the first pack of cigarettes.  It may take 20 years to accumulate.  If you look at the epidemiological data and the clinical data that we're seeing now that's being published, it's a lot faster than we anticipated.


Dr. Don Huber discusses what we know about how much glyphosate, the main ingredient in herbicides like Roundup, we take in. Find out how much get in our body, how much gets absorbed by surrounding soil and how much gets absorbed by the plant itself. How much do we take in versus other parts of the world and what does it do when it's in our body! You'll be surprised!

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