You Won't Believe How Your Doctor Stays Educated!

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Interviewer: Gwen, how educated are doctors? I'm sure it runs the gamut
where some do some research into certain drugs that people like you used to
talk to them about. You don't really know what you are going to get when
you go see a doctor and how much work they've done when they prescribe you
a medication.

Gwen: You are absolutely correct and for the most part, I'm not anti-
doctors either. I believe that healers go through the extensive amount of
education that they do and all of the training. They make a lot of
sacrifices when they're in school, and I think they do that because they
truly want to help people. However, the healthcare environment, the
insurance requirements, the HMOs, the massive amount of paperwork and stuff
that they have to attend to, they are not capable of keeping abreast of all
of the information. There are over 8000 drugs on the market. They would
have to sit down and literally, continually educate themselves in order to
keep abreast of just what's out there, much less the new things that are
coming out on the market. So, doctors very heavily depend on the
information that they get from medical meetings, from their pharmaceutical
representative visits, from certified medical education training, that's
generally 99.99% of the time supplied by the pharmaceutical industry, and
then, from their own little bit of research that they may do in journals.
Unfortunately, journals are all, now, chalk full of ghost written articles
that are financed by the pharmaceutical industry, and then someone pens
their name on them. So, they are really not getting good information,
anywhere, even if they do their own due diligence, they have to be very
good about it in order to get good information.


Your physician likely spent a number of years in school to become a doctor. But how do they stay up to date on the latest health information? Information which certainly changes rapidly. Former pharmaceutical sales representative Gwen Olsen talks about where doctors get the 'latest' information. Something that should concern you!

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