You Won't Believe What Simple Thing Could Cut Breast Cancer Rates by 80%!

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Interviewer: If we can assume that we're not going to get everything from food justbecause foods are going to differ, in terms of plants anyway, what's the bestway to get what we need?  Do we need to supplement?

PeterGlidden: It's mandatory. Supplementation is mandatory.  If every woman inthe United States, if every girl in the United States took one 200 microgramsupplement of selenium, which is a mineral like calcium and it's cheaper thandirt by the way, because it is made from dirt, right? Selenium supplementation,one selenium supplement, 200 micrograms a day, would eliminate the occurrenceof breast cancer in one generation by 82%.  We had to sue the Food andDrug Administration to be able to give this information out publicly and notbeen thrown in jail. You need to ask yourself why. Selenium, one of the 91essential nutrients; it's just one. Imagine what will happen when you take all91? The answer is unequivocally, in order for people to be healthy, supplementationis mandatory. You have to supplement. If you don't, it's just a matter of timebefore your levels reach the breaking point. No different than your automobile. You have to put oil in it, or it's going to run out of oil, and if itruns out of oil the engine is going to seize, and there is nothing wrong withthe engine. It just ran out of oil. It's no different with the human body.

Dr. Peter Glidden discusses the importance of supplementation. He gives a great example of how just one mineral and how taking the right amount could cut breast cancer occurrences by more than 80% in one generation.

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