You'll Be Shocked to Know Who Educates Your Doctor on Drugs YOU Take!

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Q: Gwen, how many people are, in your estimation or from what you saw, are in the same position as you, not that got out and wrote a book, but got out because of reasons like that?

Gwen: Well, I don't have any friends left in the industry. That might tell you something, and one of the reasons is several of my friends left after I wrote my book. It opened their eyes, to a lot of the information. Preps are just as misinformed and disinformed as the general public is. You have to realize, preps are on the front line, and they're sent out into the doctor's offices to give information, and the vast majority of that information is, you know, one-sided marketing information. It's not fair-balanced like they should be receiving.

So I think there's a large number of people that have, in fact, just at the Health Freedom Expo show that we're here at currently, I've had three pharmaceutical reps from the Chicago area that are friends of mine on Facebook that have come in to meet me because they wanted to make a personal connection, because these individuals had left the industry.Again, because of confidentiality agreements that they have, they are not speaking out, but they want to support me in any way that they can, so they're feeding me information and they're giving me resources and helping me in that regard, so I think there's a large number of people that are disquieted about what's going on, that they're very hard-pressed to find another industry that will pay people the kind of money, benefits, salaries, company cars, and all of that, with the minimal education and  training that people have. Reps that call on doctors are not pharmacists. They generally do not have scientific backgrounds. They are not former nurses or doctors, for the most part. They are former cheerleaders, former beauty queens, former, you know, people that gregarious, outgoing, and can get in and people like you. That's what a sales rep is, and every doctor has a monetary value to a sales rep in the pharmaceutical industry, and they court those doctors according to how valuable they are.

Q: But those are the people that are educating the doctors on the drugs?

A: That's correct. So if you think you're getting a good, fair-balanced education from your doctor, you're sorely mistaken. That's the reason that... what my whole campaign is about, I'm not anti-drug, which distresses a lot of people who are anti-drugs. They'd like to see me say, "Oh, don't take drugs. They're horrible for you." I believe there is a place and a time to take a prescription drug. However, I believe that that's the last resort that you should go to, and I know that there are lots of alternatives, and I'm trying to educate people about alternatives, and tell them that we deserve informed consent. We need to give informed consent, and you can't give informed consent if you don't have good information. So you have to do your own due diligence, and stop depending on other people and handing your power over to individuals that aren't going to have your best interests at heart.

Former pharmaceutical sales representative, Gwen Olsen talks about her time at the job. She discusses who these sales reps really are and how they can influence doctors into prescribing certain drugs! Are these people educated enough or just being told what to say?

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