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Scott: Talking with  Dr. Joe Wallach today,and you have a book called  "Dead Doctors Don't Lie". Can youtalk about the premise behind that book? 

 Dr. Joel Wallach: Sure. Thank you Scott. Well,basically, my background is different. I have a degree in agriculture. I'm aveterinarian. I'm  a comparative pathologist. I work for NIH and the National Science Foundation and big universities, and learned that wecould prevent and cure as many as 900 different diseases, prevent all birthdefects in livestock and laboratory animals and pet animals with a simplenutritional supplementation.  

 I was an abysmal failure at getting medicaldoctors interested in this concept, so I went back to school and became anaturopathic physician and what I found out was that the average lifespan of amedical  doctor, I said at the original time back in 1993 , was 58. Andthey said  why would you go to a group of people who's average lifespanwas 58 to learn how to live to be 100 in a healthful way?  They didn'tlike that, so they did their own study and they came out with, and they said,Wallach lied. The average primary care physician and primary care practitioner does not live to 58 like Wallach says. We live to be 56.  I had topublicly apologize for giving them 2 too many years. My premise is that ifdoctors knew what they were talking about, they should live to be 125, 150. They've missed the target so badly that only the dead ones don'tlie. 

 Scott: Why is that ? Why is their lifeexpectancy so much shorter than what we would expect? 

 Dr. Joel Wallach: Well, Scott, the reason isvery simple. Remember I'm a pathologist, so I can dig into their autopsies,right? So, I know exactly what they die from. They die from heart attacks andstroke and diabetes and cancer and kidney failure like everybody else. Theydon't have anything that they die from that 's different. The main thing, themain weakness for their own personal health as well as for the health of theirpatients, is that they only get 30 minutes of nutritional training in 14 yearsof medical school. They do not even get a test on that 30 minutes. They look atnutrition as something unworthy of their time or interest.  As a result,the basic stuff of life escapes them, not only from their training, but alsofrom their consciousness, and they think "well,  I'll just eat well,and get everything I need" and no earthly idea how bad our nutritionalcrisis is, and that's the problem.


Dr. Joel Wallach discusses what went into writing his book, "Dead Doctors Don't Lie". Dr. Wallach discusses the average life expectancy of a physician and explains why it is so much shorter than average.

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