Your Bra Could be Giving You Cancer!

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Interviewer: Talk a little bit more about thelymph system. What is that for? When we hear about it, it's always, in terms ofcancer, it's always, "Oh, it's spread to the lymph nodes."

Dr. Bollinger: Right.

Interviewer: That that's a terrible thing. Isthat necessarily as bad as it's made out to be?

Dr. Bollinger: Sure. Any cancer that hasmetastasized, that's spread, is dangerous. Cancers, actually, that arelocalized cancers that have not spread are relatively easy to treat. It's thecancer that's metastasized and that's spread to the lymph nodes or other organsthat's the difficult cancer to treat. But that is serious. But the lymphaticsystem is a detox system, but it's also the system that's your primary line ofdefense. It's your immune system. Your lymphatic system is directly related toyour immune system. And so if your lymphatic system is damaged, your immunesystem is damaged. It's a primary component of our immune response. And sothat's why the lymphatic system is so important. And as a matter of fact, ifyou look at it, most breast cancers start right here. And that's where a lymphnode is, and the lymphatic system is clogged if a woman wears a bra. Right? Andthere were studies that were done by a couple ladies in Sweden that did ananalysis of thousands and thousands of women, and they analyzed those that hadbreast cancer and those that didn't, and those that wore bras and those thatdidn't, and those that sometimes wore bras. What they determined is that if youdon't wear a bra, you only have a 1 in 168 chance of developing breast cancer.If you wear a bra at least 12 hours a day, I think it's 1 in 6, and if you weara bra 24 hours a day, it's 1 in 2. And why? Because the bras are clogging up thelymphatic system, and that's where the tumor starts is from the clogging of thetoxins right there underneath the armpit.



Cancer researcher Ty Bollinger discusses the role and importance of the lymphatic system. He also talks about a recent study that showed a possible risk of cancer in women that wore and wear bras for longer periods of time during the day.

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