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When you are not feeling right, and you go on araw food diet. And you go, for example, Paul Nison is speaking also at theHealth Freedom Expo where he spoke yesterday I think. He is a really, reallygreat...He has a book out, 'The Raw Food Diet', and also he is a very religiousperson, has a book out, diet after the bible and things like that andyet irritable bowel syndrome, IBM...And so, so nobody could cure him. He wasready to die, he was even kind of like ready to commit suicide, couldn'thandle the pain anymore. He started to research and think, what did we eat200 years ago? What did humans eat 200 year ago? And he got back to theoriginal diet. And he cured himself from this horrible disease. And he is,he has his own uh, cooking show, he's a raw food chef. He's a really greatguy, is his website. And he's a really, really good booksout there. So I would just go, just in general, If i don't feel right, I goon a live food, on a raw food diet. Because, without our foundation,health cannot exist. And the foundation actually, is our body cells. We arewhat we eat. My great friend Doctor Joel Wallach...Everybody knows Dead Doctors Don't Lie. When he explains to you, how the foundation of chelatedminerals of the absorption of the body and the absorption capability of thebody works, you will understand that you have to have a great diet.Even if I know that 86% of all illness is stress related. But without the14% of diet, of exercise, of hydration is not there, there is no possibilityof these 86% of stress related problems. Because there is no body. So,our foundation needs to be stable, like a foundation of a house. If youhave bad concrete, your house will crumble one day. If you have stableconcrete, you have a stable foundation, now you can really build. And evenif you mess up, you can still go down to your foundation again, and torebuild again. And this happens with a healthy diet and also withhydration. Most people are dehydrated. And if you don't have a gallon ofwater a day, and half a teaspoon of Himalayan pink salt in it, a day,you will be dehydrated. And for the ladies out there, dehydration if themain cause of wrinkles. So, that may help to them to get them motivated todrink a little bit more. But also Scott, what people don't understand is veryoften we misinterpret hunger with just being thirsty. Very oftenpeople get obese because whenever they have this sensation, they thinkthey are hungry but very often it's just a misinterpretation, and they'rejust thirsty. Just, whenever you're hungry, drink a glass of waterand find out if you're still hungry after that. Usually, you're not. So, thathelps people being a lot healthier. We cannot use sea salt anymore,because it's mostly radioactive now from Fukushima. And that's why we aretalking about pink salt, Himalayan salt. Because it's mined. So even withthe chemicals, there's nothing on it. The radiation from Fukushima,from the nuclear reaction accident does not hurt it. So, and it has stillother trace minerals in it. It's just really, really great, a perfect thing.


Dr. Leonard Coldwell discusses the importance of a diet of living, or raw food and how it can help you regain your health. Dr. Coldwell also discusses the benefits of diet in terms of reestablishing a foundation for good health.

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