Michael D. Farley N.D.

Michael D.  Farley N.D.Michael D. Farley, NMD 
Forensic Pathology Consultant, N.D

Dr. Michael Farley spent over 30 years practicing Integrative Medicine and Psychology.  Dr. Farley had his own integrative medical practice where he specialized in teaching allopathic physicians integrative approaches to medicine.

Dr. Farley closed his practice in 2004 to devote more time to research, teaching and writing.  He currently teaches Integrative Medicine and develops new medical protocols. 

For an eight year period when Dr. Farley had his practice, he was also a Forensic Pathology and Physiology consultant for the United States Justice Department in Washington D.C.

Dr. Farley attended George Mason University and has degrees from Montgomery Community College in Rockville, MD (A.S.), George Washington University (B.S. in Zoology and post graduate work in Forensic Pathology) and the Native American Studies Institute where he received his Naturopathic Medical Doctorate.

Dr. Farley will soon be releasing a book titled, A Guide to Understanding Herbal Medicines - and Surviving the Coming Pharmaceutical Monopoly.
For more information, check out www.survivalherbs.com.


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