Fred Pescatore M.D.

Fred  Pescatore M.D.Fred Pescatore, M.D., M.P.H.
Physician, Developer, Author

Dr. Fred Pescatore is a traditionally trained physician who practices nutritional medicine. He is an internationally recognized health, nutrition and weight loss expert.

Dr. Pescator received his master’s degree in public health from Columbia University’s School of Public Health and his medical degree from American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine. He was trained at New York City’s St. Vincent’s Hospital, Mt. Sinai Medical Center and St. Luke’s/Roosevelt Hospital Center. Before he opened his own practice, Dr. Pescatore was Associate Medical Director at the Atkins Center, the world’s preeminent institution for complementary medicine. After leaving the Atkins Center, Dr. Pescator opened his own medical centers in New York City and Dallas, TX.

Dr. Pescatore founded his own product line, Healthy For Good, and his own company, MacNut™ Oil

Dr. Pescatore lectures across the world on health, nutrition and weight loss. He is involved in clinical research and has written five book and numerous paper and magazine articles. He is often asked to provide nutritional commentary on national television and radio shows.

Dr. Pescatore is a consultant for many nutritional supplement firms. He is the President of the AHCC Research Association. He is also active in the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists, National Association of Physician Broadcasters, and is a member of many more professional organizations.

For more information, visit DrPescatore.com and Pycnogenol.com .


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