Mark Macdonald

Mark  Macdonald Mark Macdonald 
CEO/Founder, Venice Nutrition 

Mr. Mark Macdonald is a nutritionist and kinesiologist as well as author who has put his life experiences to work in his business.

After years of frustration from gaining and losing weight, Mark began to study and research medical books and the body's systems.  That led to an understanding of nutrition and blood sugar's role in our body's function.

Mark took this knowledge and new understanding and founded Venice Nutrition, where he could help people improve their quality of life with education and nutrition.

In 2003, Mark founded the IBNFC (International Board of Nutrition and Fitness Coaching).

In 2011, Mark released released his book Body Confidence, which is based upon his three step system to help the body reach its full potential. 

For more information, go to venicenutrition.com.


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