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The Natural Health Trend

More and more people are using natural products. Mark Blumenthal tells us why natural health is becoming more popular.

Time: 5:47   Views: 3217

Reporting Adverse Effects to Herbs

New laws allow people to report adverse effects to herbal supplements. Not all reports are actually adverse events and it can be misleading to the public. People need to learn how to read the reports to find out the risks associated with taking various herbal supplements. Serious adverse events requiring medical attention are required to be reported.

Time: 4:03   Views: 2846

Herbal Supplements are Regulated and Safe

Many people think that herbal and natural supplements are unregulated and don't have to follow any rules. That's simply not true. Find out how the herbal supplement industry is regulated.

Time: 4:01   Views: 7723

How Do You Find Safe and Effective Herbal Products?

There are many high quality herbal products that are effective. Mark Blumenthal lists his general guidelines for purchasing herbal products.

Time: 11:13   Views: 4695

FDA on Regulating Herbs

Herbs are not drugs and they are not food additives. Mark Blumenthal lists ways the FDA regulates herbs.

Time: 10:29   Views: 3892

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