Andrew Keech, PhD, DSC

Andrew Keech, PhD, DSC 
Founder, APS BioGroup, Author 

Mr. Andrew Keech is the founder and current Managing Director of APS BioGroup, the largest supplier of colostrum products in the world.

Dr. Keech received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Chemistry in 1990.  He also received a Bachelors degree in Chemical and Process Engineering in 1992.  Further studies took him to Oxford in England where he received a Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical and Process Engineering in 1995

Dr. Keech is a member of the Institute of Professional Engineers of New Zealand, the Institute of Chemical Engineers in London and the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.

Dr. is also author of Peptide Immunotherapy: Colostrum: A Physician's Reference Guide.

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