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Interviewer: Let's go back to the beginning a little bit when kids are young. Explain how Colostrum works in infants and why mothers only produce it for X amount of time. 

Dr. Keech: Well, when a human baby is born or any mammal for that matter is born, that's a physical process. The baby is born. It's not until the baby mammal receives the Colostrum that, that signals to the baby that you have now been born through oral supplementation or oral feeding. By then, taking the Colostrum, now you're no longer in the protection of the mother's wound. You'll now have to fend for yourself and develop your immune system. So, Colostrum is that signal and those signals are triggered form the peptides. But also, Colostrum contains these other protector factors as well like immunoglobins and [inaudible] that help heal the gut. Now, in a human baby, it takes about six months for the gut to really heal. Now, if you look at it, the gut is porous in an infant as well. Why would you want to take cow Colostrum, bovine IGGs, which are different from human IGGs, and you don't want that to go into the baby's body causing an [autoimmune?] response. Well, if you take peptides, those peptides actually modulate a TH2 response any way. What's important is that baby's actually do receive Colostrum from the mothers as soon as possible. Because mothers only produce a small amount in the first day and then the milk starts to come out in day two, day three. The CDC does recommend that a woman does breastfeed at least for six months if possible and then after that you can probably start taking many of the immune formulas. We just have to be a little bit careful. You've got to take the right formulas. If the mother is unable to breastfeed, they've got to take the right formulas depending on the age of the infant. Then usually after six months, the gut is sealed and we don't really have any issues of micro molecules going through the baby's gut. But it's so important to all mammals, not just in humans. See how fast a baby calf or baby gazelle gets up on their feet, quickly. Why is that? Because they have to feed. And if they don't feed, if a gazelle or baby elephant doesn't feed right away, it can't run with the herd and then lions will attack it or whatever else. But it's important to take Colostrum for every mammal. And why is that important for kids? Why don't adults take it? Well, a gut every day is subjected to new pathogens, new food preservatives, new Anti-inflammatory  pills that we take aspirins that cause holes in our guts. Anything we eat, we're causing holes in our gut. GMO foods for example, who knows what that's doing to the gut? To simply help our gut through this new type of 2000 foods, we simply just have to. We can't stop GMO. You can't stop new preservatives that are being used in the foods. You can't stop the antibiotics that we're getting accidentally through our water supply and through our foods. How can you go to a restaurant and try to get food without MSG in it? Good luck. It's all this new stuff that's causing holes in our gut. So, by simply taking a regular routine of 5 to 10 grams a day if you can of Colostrum, that at least keeps your gut sealed. So, I always recommend to doctors and I'm lecturing about it. It's important to heal the gut first. And the way to heal it is to take 5 to 10 grams a day at least for 6 weeks. And the studies that we've done on rats, we've been able to see that scar tissue repairs quite well after six week treatment of 10 grams for humans per day for 6 weeks. Then you can start bringing in the probiotics which are important. You don't really want to take probiotics if you've ever got leaky gut, because the probiotics themselves will leak into the body causing an immune reaction. So, my message is, heal the gut. And a lot of doctors are picking up on that now and really understanding that's an important concept. So, it's important for adults to take it as well as kids to take it. So, for that matter, I've been taking Colostrum ever since I've been making it 17, 18 years. I feel great. If you feel like you've got a cold or an allergy coming on, you take more of it. It's about managing your health, because your immune is a dynamic system, it's always responding to stimuli, pathogens, and allergens in our environment. Whatever we eat, whatever we drink, whatever we breathe in, pathogens are attacking us. It's our immune system's dynamic. So, sometimes it gets confused. We talked a lot about the autoimmune aspects. There's a lot more autoimmune diseases these days than there were 10, 15 years ago. So, you can't stop that just because it's part of our life now. We try to find non GMO foods in the supermarket. It's very difficult. Try to find foods free of gluten, it's difficult,  causing food allergies. So, that's a TH2 response again by taking the peptides and Colostrum, you normalize the production of cytokines so you don't propagate TH2 cells from forming which causes allergy symptoms. So, everybody should be taking Colostrum. The only people I sort of recommend that don't take Colostrum are pregnant women, because in the first trimester, the pregnancy is a TH2 state any way. So, in order to form the fetus, the woman's body has to go into a disease state naturally to not reject the growing fetus or developing fetus at least in the first trimester. But we always say, it's better if a pregnant woman just don't take it any way. I have heard cases of people taking it in their second or third trimester which is probably okay, but I recommend, generally pregnant women don't take it and as soon as they give birth, at that point they can start taking Colostrum again. The only other case we don't have enough information and we haven't done a lot of studies on is people that have had organ transplants that are on immunosuppressive  medication for a reason, because obviously they don't want to reject the organ so we recommend that they don't take Colostrum as well, because they don't need to have a bounced immune system, they need to be in an immune suppressive state so that they don't reject the organ.

Colostrum is a vital nutrient for newborns. Dr. Andrew Keech explains exactly why that is and what colostrum does for infants. Dr. Keech also explains that colostrum is beneficial for people of all ages and how it may benefit gut and immune health.

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