Diane Meyer, Dr.

Diane Meyer, B.S, D.D.S 
Holistic Dentist/Author

Dr. Diane Meyer comes from a family that's long been involved in dentistry.  Dr. Meyer's brother, two uncles, four cousins and a sister are all in the field.  Dr. Meyer started her career in dentistry at the age of 16 as a dental assistant.  She graduated from Elmhurst College with a B.S. in Psychology.  She graduated from Loyola University Dental School in 1991.

Dr. Meyer has been trained in the mouth-body connection and she feels the patient must address the body's nutritional needs in order to experience the best overall health.  Dr. Meyer uses Serum Bio-Compatibility and Biofeedback testing while trying to optimize the patient's immune system.

Dr. Meyer speaks at many conventions and has published a book called Pick Your Poisons.

For more information on Dr. Meyer's work, go to HolisticDentistIllinois.com.
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