You Won't Believe What Toxins Many Dentists Still Use!

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Scott: We hear a lot of stories like yours.  Yours isn't unique in terms of removing mercury and recovering.  So why is mercury still used today?

Dr. Diane Meyer:  Because it's still safe according to them.  I had the luxury of going in front of the dental board, about a month or so ago.  And I asked them the same thing basically and they said, well, it's still safe, you know?  And I said, no it's not.  It's not!   And so, I could've spent three days there teaching them everything I know about mercury and what it does, but at least I was able to plant a seed.  And furthermore, the were all colleagues, or knew of my uncle, who was now a priest.  And he would not have knowingly poisoned anyone.  So now that we know better, we need to do better.  Now we do have the machines that show that the mercury comes off.  Now that we know this, we need to stop this.  

So there is some global things happening.  I mean they're trying to phase it down from the environmental perspective, which I always had thought was going to be the way to go.  If we could go after the environmentalists, because dental offices are, according to the EPA, a big contributor to the pollution of mercury in the atmosphere, next to coal mines.  So we're like right up there.  So there's a big move right now.  So it won't be long.  I'm hopeful.  And I did notice that somewhere I saw like 48 percent of dentists are using it right now, so we're at 52 that are being more mindful.  But they're not taking it out safely, they're not protecting the waste water still and so that information still has to be brought out and that's what I think God put me here for.  That's kind of my mission. 



Mercury is still used in dentistry today, but why? Dr. Diane Meyer has one answer based on her experience. Find out what other dentists think and why. You may be surprised what your dentist is still doing!

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