2 Vaccines That Might Be the Worst For You!

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Scott: So what, what sort of things can parents do when they hear information about vaccines being toxic?  There's so much pressure from schools to give the vaccination information.  Other people that, like I said, it's a hot button issue, so people that are pro-vaccine look down upon the other people.  What can people do if they don't want to inject themselves or their kids?

Dr. Stephanie Seneff: I know.  I wish I had a better answer, because it's my impression that it's extremely hard to get out of it.  First of all, it's hard to believe that they're bad because you're getting all this misinformation about how awesome vaccines are.  I certainly know of people who, like one person just emailed me.  Their first child had had all of it's vaccines and had all kinds of health issues.  And because of that, they didn't vaccinate their second child at all.  And now their second child is very, very hearty and healthy and resistant to disease, compared to their first child.  The vaccines are actually setting you back, in terms of your general immunity.  

You know the flu vaccine.  The other thing with the flu vaccine is that, even if it's protecting you from the influenza virus, there's other viruses out there that are respiratory viruses that cause essentially the flu.  It's the same symptoms.  It's not even any flu strain.  It's guaranteed not to protect you against those.  

Ant there was a study in Hong Kong that showed... this was a very well controlled study... where they had a population and it was a sort of placebo-controlled kind of situation where half the people go the flu... the flu vaccine and half the people didn't and they studied them over course of the next year.  And they found out that the ones who got the vaccine had a four fold increased risk to getting this other virus that causes flu-like virus, compared to the ones that had the... didn't have the shot.  So it's really changing what you get rather than whether you get sick.  And at the same time it's decreasing your general immune capabilities, it's really hurting your immune system.  So there's not really any kind of a win in that.  And there's a lot of loss.

There's another problem with the flu vaccine... and I only know of two vaccines that have high levels of glutamate in them, the flu vaccine and the MMR vaccine.  And MMR, of course, has been implicated in autism through Andrew Wakefield's work.  And I looked at it too and it's clear from the VAERS database, you see a connection between MMR and autism in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.   Both of those vaccines contain high glutamate because it's used actually in the growth medium because it's a live virus.  Both of them have a live virus that's grown on this medium that has high levels of free glutamate.  Glutamate, of course, is like MSG, and a lot of people have an allergic reaction to MSG.

The symptoms that are... I did a comparison between the MMR vaccine before 2002 and after 2002.  Just taking the database from 1990 to 2012 or 14, cutting it in half, the early data and the late data, and looking at statistical differences in the reactions that were showing up.  And I found that there were a bunch of reactions that are typical of MSG sensitivity.  And these include things like coma and seizures, you know, not good things, that were showing up more frequently after 2002 compared to before 2002.  And I think that's because the glutamate has become more toxic in the context of the glyphosate that I mentioned earlier.  Glyphosate disrupts the bodies ability to detox glutamate.  Glyphosate also likely increases the ability of glutamate to penetrate into, past the brain barrier.  And glutamate is known to be a neurotoxin, so you get into problems with glutamate in the flu vaccine or in the MMR vaccine causing brain damage.


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Are some vaccines that are supposed to keep you healthy really damaging your immune system? Dr. Stephanie Seneff discusses two popular vaccines and what they have in common in terms of an n ingredient that is known to be a neurotoxin. Find out what these vaccines might really be doing. Learn about two vaccines that might be the worst for you!

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