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Scott: When you talk about compliance and getting people to do it and the number of different strains the Gardasil vaccine is trying to protect against, it reminds me of flu shots where the same sort of thing...

Dr. Stephanie Seneff: Yes, exactly the same thing.

Scott:  is that there's so many strains and they guess on the three or four that are going to be popular.  The difference with those is you get them every year and you're very much recommended to do so.  What are your thoughts on those?

Seneff: Oh, I am very upset about that.  In fact it really shocks me that they're recommending the flu shot for pregnant women.  And a lot of the flu shot, a lot of the flu vaccine contains mercury.  It's not always present, but it is, I think, maybe half the products out there contain mercury.  And mercury is incredibly toxic to the fetus and it's probably going to get into the fetus past the placental barrier.  I just can't... I don't understand how they can possibly think it's a good idea to give a pregnant woman a flu vaccine.  And also they're giving them to babies, they're requiring children to get them every year now.  Which is just remarkable to me.  

What's happened to this idea that mercury's toxic.  We know mercury's toxic.  There's no question about that.  And when you inject it, your getting all of it into the body.  Where as if you get exposure through, I mean mercury in the teeth, in the fillings is a problem too.  But if you've got a healthy gut, most of that mercury doesn't get in.  But when you inject it, all of it gets into your body, and it's going to go into your brain and cause severe problems with your neurons.  

The flu vaccine doesn't make any sense to me at all.  I've never had one, and I can't remember the last time I've had the flu.  It's been at least two decades.  I don't get the flu.  And I suspect that when you get the vaccine, year after year, it's actually going to reduce your general immune capability, it's going to hurt your immune system.  Such that you're more susceptible to picking up a flu infection.  So when they get it wrong, then you've got these flu viruses out there that your shot hasn't done anything to help you from.  And you've got increased susceptibility because of your weakened immune system, in general, because of all of these vaccines that you've had every year.  So I think its a downward, just a downward trek, when you get a flu vaccine every year. 



Whether or not to get a flu shot is an annual decision people and their families have to make. Dr. Stephanie Seneff explains her reasons for being so upset about the shot and it's annual recommendations. Find out what she thinks about the shot's affect on immune health as well as other potential dangers that come with it. Find out why the flu shot upsets this doctor!

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