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Lyle: Let me ask you this then, because you mentioned both nutritional protocols and also in areas like stress, that you need to be aware of what you can do to help yourself reduce stress or protect yourself against it. So tell me a little it about what you consider a nutritional protocol and give me an idea of something I might want to do if I'm under a lot of stress and I'm not really having to medicate for it but I need to do something to help bring it down.

Jim LaValle: I think there's a couple of things people should really look at for dietary supplements as I'd say a blanket approach. In my eyes everybody needs a good multivitamin and mineral. Unless you're under a rock the data is fairly clear that people need to take a good multivitamin and mineral because even when they try to eat good, healthy food, the mineral content, the nutrient content in the food is variable. So insure yourself. And there's been great studies that show that a simple multivitamin can have all sorts of positive benefits to wide different populations that have been studied. The other one is essential fatty acids like fish oil, I think they're important. People aren't getting them in their diet, fish oils are vastly important for managing inflammatory chemistry in the body and they're an essential nutrient. Now when you go past that there are some favorite nutrients that I really like. One of the biggest issues that is killing us still as Americans is heart disease. It is still number one at taking out Americans every year. And you know for all the medication and for all the surgery and all the medical effort thats been put at heart disease, we still have enormous numbers of people dying of heart disease every year. Some of it's lifestyle, some of it's environmental, some of it's genetic. But there are some things you can do that can kind of, I think, toss a blanket over all those diverse factors that trigger the progression of heart disease. I've been a big fan of aged garlic extract for, oh my gosh, the last decade, because there's 650 studies that validate that aged garlic extract does a wide variety of things in terms of heart disease prevention. Now, it's not just the heart disease prevention with it that I getting excited about on getting people to take it.

So the big things it does is it makes your blood less sticky. So it lowers fibrinogen. That's fantastic. It reduces oxidized LDL meaning that we're all up in the air about 'oh your LDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol'. It's not about LDL cholesterol. It's about if it's oxidizing or not. It's the rate of rusting that's going on in your body. So when that LDL cholesterol rusts, that's when you initiate plaque formation. And so, what I like about aged garlic is that it acts as a very powerful antioxidant that inhibits LDL oxidation.

Other things that it does: It also helps with detoxification processes in your body. We live in a modern world. Lead for example, has been highly correlated to the development of cardiovascular disease. I mean in big epidemiologic studies that have been published in peer reviewed journals. They're saying heavy metals like lead affects your heart disease outcome. So having a good, healthy, cellular mechanism to be able to detoxify from lead is an essential part of us living in a modern world. And whether its lead, or mercury or pesticides, all these things we're reading are affecting our health. We need the defense. Aged garlic is interesting because it has a little compound in it called S-Allyl-L-Cysteine. And why I think it's so important is, is that upregulates a little chemical in your body called glutathione. And glutathione is essential to your cell's ability to detoxify. So that's just a few things that aged garlic does. There's a myriad of metabolic affects that is has, but it's known as Kyolic. I use it in my practice and have for years and virtually I have almost everyone in my practice takes Kyolic. And for really, the reasons I described, detoxification abilities, it reduces inflammatory signaling, it retards LDL oxidation. In fact, they even did a study, this is what's interesting Lyle. When you are given a statin drug, you think you're protected. If you've got a previous heart condition or you've got plaque in your arteries, everybody goes 'oh, cool, I've got my statin drug and that means that I'm going to be protected against heart disease'. You know your arteries still continue to plaque?

Lyle: No, really?

LaValle: Yeah, really! And so the interesting thing is they did a study where they gave statin medications or statin medications plus aged garlic, there's about a four fold improvement in plaque laying down. So there was a reduction by about 70 percent of plaque over the next year when you took aged garlic with drug therapy versus drug therapy alone. That's where I think the new medicine is going to go. Lets take the value of these nutrients that have been highly studied and lets supercharge the medication that we have so you don't have to take as much medication. Because we know medications have side effects. So this has tremendous value and I think where the future of healthcare will be is how do we blend the good science that's in dietary supplements and natural products with what we know about good medicine, but desiring to reach out and reduce the side effects and the complications and the need for poly pharmacy.

Lyle: That's intriguing. I learned about aged garlic shortly after I came into this business from a fellow by the name of Charlie Fox, who's been one of my idols for the last 16 years.

LaValle: He's the man!

Lyle: I believe very strongly in it!


Dr. James LaValle mentions a number of supplements he finds essential for good health. He suggests three that he recommends to many of his patient and thinks can help most people. Find out how they can help support overall and cardiovascular health.
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