Use Caution With Birth Control Pills

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Interviewer: You mentioned birth control pills. Are they safe for short-
term. Is that  good idea for women? What are the longer term risks and what
are some of the options?

Dr Wright: Unfortunately, there's nothing that's as effective as a birth
control pill except for abstinence. And that's effective alright but then
okay. But there's nothing else that's as effective as birth control for not
having kids. Now certainly there's the use of physical barriers. There's
the condoms and the IUD's and so forth. The longer one uses birth control,
the more a person is at risk. That's the key point if a person is using it
short-term, gee what's short-term? Would you believe there's never been any
studies paid for to find out?

Interviewer: Really?

Dr. Wright: yeah  well hey! Do you want to risk your product sales by
showing that you shouldn't buy it after X a period of time because that's
when it crosses the threshold? It's gong to be variable from person to
person too. What's in the birth control pill is a pseudo-estrogen, which
means it started with an estrogen molecule but then it was altered a bit so
we could patent it long ago. They're no longer patented, but originally.
And a pseudo-progesterone, it's called Progestin and Progestins are not
progesterone. Progestin is a made up name to make it sound like it's
something natural, but it really isn't. And people have variable tolerances
for pseudo-molecules that go in the body. So, one of the better things one
can do, though, if one is taking birth control, is take some of the things
that help to offset  what the birth control pills might do. And a good
multiple vitamin is really, with the minerals in it, is a good place to
start. So, no I'm not against it. But I am saying caution and I wouldn't'
use it for example for 10 years in a row with no breaks.
How safe are birth control pills for either short or long-term use? Dr. Jonathan V. Wright says it's hard to tell. Hear what he thinks you should do if you use birth control pills and whether or not its a good idea to stay on them for a number of years.

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