3 Things You Didn't Know About Artificial Sweeteners

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Scott: You... we've talked about sugar, and I think people have long known that sugar was bad.  But there are so many products out there that are sugar free or have artificial sweeteners in them.  What... how do those fit into what you think people should be trying to do?

Tiffany Wright: I think everybody knows that artificial sweeteners are bad for you at this point.  But that's not why we don't eat them.  They are bad for you, they have all kinds of terrible, terrible side effects.  The reason we don't eat them is because they actually do spike the insulin levels.  They used to let diabetics have artificial sweeteners, now they don't because they found that out.  It also leaves the desire for sugar, so you never get rid of that craving.  So for those two reasons, we don't allow it.  

It also causes weight gain.  They've found that people who drink... controlling for calories, people who drink diet sodas versus regular sodas weight significantly more.  And that's controlling for calories.  So even though they eat the same amount of calories, they gain more weight.  So there's research now that says it actually causes weight gain, which isn't surprising because more people drink Diet Coke than Coke in America. 


Many people now think that regular consumption of artificial sweeteners is not healthy. Tiffany Wright, Ph.D., The Skinny Coach, discusses three reasons why artificial sweeteners are not allowed on her plans. They're likely three things you didn't know about artificial sweeteners!

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