80% Of Items in Your Grocery Store Have This Added!

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Scott: When you talk about eliminating sugar, how educated does the person need to be?  Because if you're... it can be in so many foods, especially in the middle of the grocery store, I guess, if you look at ingredients, that you wouldn't even think it would be in.  But I mean, it's kind of everywhere, isn't it?  Except for the outer perimeter of the grocery store, is what people say.

Tiffany Wright, Ph.D: And it's even in those areas now. 80 percent of the items in the grocery store have some form of added sugar.  There was a huge movement, it got stopped, thank God, to add sugar to milk.  There's sugar in salt.  A lot of salt has sugar in it now.  So, yeah, it's in a lot of things.  The best way to do that, I mean in terms of a practical way, is finding a list of sugars.  On my site, I don't mean to plug, but at skinnycoach.com, we have a list... 100 names of sugar.  Anything that ends in o-s-e, or i-d-s, you know, mono triglycerides, those kinds of things.  O-s-e, like sucralose, fructose, all of those are forms of sugar.  Honey.  I don't care if it's raw, organic honey, I don't care if it's stevia.  I don't care if it's turbine, brown, whatever.  No form of sugar.  They are all going to raise that glucose level.  Some more than others.  But it doesn't mat... I mean it does matter, less is better.  But it's going to keep the cravings going.  It's going to keep the desire for sugar and its going to mess up that insulin level.  So it's just not going to work unless it's abstinence, which almost no one is ok with.


How closely do you read labels? Take another look after watching this. Tiffany Wright, Ph.D., The Skinny Coach, discusses the forms of hidden sugar in foods. Find out what surprising foods have added sugar and what that added sugar might be disguised as. You might be surprised that a majority of foods in your grocery store has added sugar in it!

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