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Interviewer: Can you talk a little about what TA-65 does to improve your immune system, and how important that is?

Ed Park, MD, MPH: Immunity is everything. I spoke to this 81-year-old gentleman this week who is very active, physically, sexually, emotionally, professionally. He flies, he fixes boats. If you look at him, he looks good. Jack LaLanne (ph) looked good at 95. But without an immune system, you're just one cold away from dying. What happens is, your immune system, the adaptive one, at least, the B and the T cells, they start to fade as you go through life. So aging is a form of acquired immune deficiency. So it's this lower case AIDS. What happens is, Jack LaLanne said, "I can't go to the hospital, it's bad for my brand. And I certainly can't die."

Well that's true, but he had no other choice, because if you think of your immune system as blank keys, you need more blank keys to respond to the next flu or the next cold and you just eventually run out. Luckily, the TA-65 was proven at the UCLA David Geffen School to help improve those fraction of available naive cells, so that I believe, will really help people. Without the good immune system, you get poor cancer surveillance. You excess inflammation and the diseases associated with that, so, it's all about the immune system.

Interviewer: Talk a little bit more about that tie-in with cancer and how that might benefit.

Ed Park, MD, MPH: Most people think about cancer as a bolt from the blue or a genetic inheritance, but it's really not. If you live to be 300, you will get cancer of every organ; just like, if you drive a Volvo 2,000,000 miles, you're not going to have any of the original parts, it's the same problem. It's just a matter of which cancer you get when. That can be a function of lifestyle. There are exceptions. There are familial cancer syndromes.  Interestingly, they seem to be related to the failure to repair telomeres. The final common pathway seems to come with poor DNA maintenance and repair and destruction.  People think of cancer as this bolt from the blue when actually it's just an eventuality just like friction in cars.

You've probably had cancer millions of times already. The cells were either able to burn out, like a forest fire burning through. The queens were able to kill themselves because they realized that they were making bad copies. The natural killer cells killed them or the adaptive immune system killed them. There is plenty ways to get rid of cancer. It's very hard to make in an unstable condition. So all of the assumptions we know are true about cancer are completely wrong. You don't get it once and then it's a death sentence. You get it millions of times and you fight it off 999,999,999 times.

I don't like all of the faith healers and all of the positive thinking people because you're going to die of cancer if you don't do the right thing. There is something to be said for that. Once you start grinding down the the negativity, and you let the Western Medical system poison you and burn you, your chances are actually probably less than just taking nothing. That's a very heretical statement and one which will never be tested because people are so inculcated with the idea that standard medicine is good. They don't acknowledge the elephant in the room, which is that we're actually poisoning the immune system. We're actually scarring the tissue.
What does that mean? Dr. Ed Park explains how aging is simply an immune condition. He also explains that if we live long enough, we will all get cancer. Find out why that is. Also, find out how essential your immune system is at any age, but especially as we age.

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