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Interviewer:  One of your big focuses is anti-aging medicine?

Nick Delgado:  Yes.

Interviewer:  What are realistic goals for that profession?  What can we see, maybe, down the line in the next couple of decades in terms of longevity and quality of life?

Nick Delgado:  You know, I think the sky is the limit.  The moment we put limits on ourselves, we're making, established based on the past.  The past is what it is, and the past didn't have what we have today. Sure, we have certain added challenges today with toxins and Fukushiman radiation particles.  Things that we now have to really realize how to be careful and detoxify and detect.  

At the same time, we have advanced measures of methods and technology to bring in whole natural foods.  I think, in the future, we're going to have more hydroponic grown foods so we can protect the air space from certain particles that might end up in the food supply. I think we're going to see a lot more whole super nutrients, probiotics and nutrients.  We're going to be seeing combinations of how do we optimize the hormone levels, optimize the body weight.  

I don't underestimate the power of the mind.  You know, love, love emotions, anger and hate.  These emotions we see people go through. We all have human emotions.  You know, you can't walk through life and just go, "Hey, look, I'm not going to get upset that they're trying to take my house.  They're trying to steal my car.  They just beat up my son or something." 

We go through things, and it's how quickly do we go to that space of, "Okay.  It happened.  I understand it.  I'm not going to overreact.  I'm going to deal with it.  I'm going to move on and move my life in a place of love, care and forgiveness."  I think that's critical to being a healthy, long-lived person. When you look at the longest lived people, biographies, those 100 years and plus, oftentimes they have an early proclivity, interest, in sex. They're a very passionate loving people.  A lot of touch, holding which is probably releasing certain biochemicals, bonding and energy.  

I think that there's this whole, full circle of how do we create the perfect environment?  We have to structure our own environment.  We have to create that space.  We have to read good books.  Surround ourselves with good people.  Get ourselves in good shape. My workouts, they're fun.  I work out hard and intense, but it's enjoyable.  I mix in trampolines, bouncing chairs and pull-ups.  I do 3-400 pull-ups in an hour.  Workout along with my [??] hamical presses on a trampoline.  I revolve over to infrared spa.  I do all these things with stretches and yoga.  I'm combining all these things because I know there's benefit.  

Also, I feel so good when I'm doing it.  Every day, like today, I do my workout outdoors in the sun coming down on my body.  The pineal glands stimulate with the hormones.  LH, Luteinizing hormone, increasing 69 percent which stimulates your own production of testosterone. I'm looking at all these things.  What's it going to take to keep my body?  To be that someone who people can look up to and model, say, "Hey, maybe that's a good program to follow?" I was blessed.  I had Nathan Pritikin as a mentor.  I had Dragan Radovich the world's strength, endurance champion.  I had Ron Rothenberg from UC San Diego, top hormone specialist, Dr. Hertoghe from Belgium and Dr. Klatz, author of 'Grow Young with HGH."  

All these people are my friends.  I work closely with them.  I pick their mind.  I say, "What do you know to be the most important to live longer, healthier and better?" Tony Robbins, good friend, worked with him for years.  Understanding NLP and timeline therapy.  I use a lot of eyes-open hypnosis.  I teach people at the conscious level, how to program their mind to start making better food selections.  How to get them on track to exercise.  None of these excuses, "I don't have time to exercise.  I'm too tired to exercise."  

There's reasons, there's problems.  We're going to solve those, basically, in a plan that makes it fun and enjoyable.  I put on my favorite music when I'm working out so I'm looking forward to it.  Music elevates the mood and the livelihood of the individual. If it seems a little overwhelming, it's not.  It's really simple and it's fun.  It can be done in less time than it takes you to make that pot of coffee, go sit at the couch and change the TV with the channel changer.  

I mean, really, sitting at the computer, I'm hooking up to neuromuscular stimulator while I'm at the computer.  When I wake up in the morning-, I get to bed early, I wake up fairly early and I'm doing my computer work, and I'm getting full body treatment.  I attach electrodes.  It's low amperage, high voltage so it stimulates the weak muscle groups.  Certain athletes, we favor certain muscles because we enjoy certain athletics.  I work certain muscle groups, the buttocks, the hamstrings.  Certain things that the core-, certain that are a little harder to treat, the pelvic region.  As I build up the PC muscles, the pelvic region, the hamstrings, the core and the base so when I go to do these athletic competitions, I have this core strength that I worked out for three, four hours while I'm at the computer already.  By the time I go out to work out for an hour, I've got a full-body core already ready to go.  

I do a little chiropractic work.  I make sure I sleep in a certain way.  Exercise, health, fitness, power of the mind and diet, it all comes together in one word and that means love your body. The moment religions separate the body from the spirit and the mind, and try and say somehow it's separate-, we're basically, all one.  When we realize, that you have to take care of your body's temple.  The bible said this.  Your body is the temple.  You take care of your body.  You are giving blessings to this human body that you've been given.  It's going to last, hopefully, over 130 years plus.  

I'm going for the world record of aging.  I'm going to set that world record.  I'm after it.  I know what it takes.  Some of my clients are 80, 90.  Friends with people, if I named their names, you'd know immediately. The point is that it's that healthy lifestyle, but it's beyond that.  You have to then start embracing it.  That it's so big that when you read Eckhart Tolle's book about now and living now in the moments between that breath, the stillness and acceptance. I think that there's a lot that we can learn from some of the east, west medicine and how it all integrates.  That's where I'm at now, is getting onto that next level.

Dr. Nick Delgado is aiming for that world record. In this video he describes the things he's going to do to try and achieve that goal. He discusses nutrition, emotional health as well as many other aspects of aging.

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