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Interviewer: Doctor, you mentioned prevention is a big key when it comes to
memory loss and, potentially, even Alzheimer's. How does somebody know when
they're in that risk group? Is it genetics? Is it, is it, you know, how
they live their life? How would somebody know that they need... should
start focusing on prevention?

Dr. Guonsong Liu: My very latest theory is following. The bigger your
brain, the higher your capacity. Your reserve is higher, so which means if
you starting from one, and you start to the brinks under shrink in a
certain speed, when they shrink to die [sounds like], but if they reach to
the 60 percent of your original brain, you get Alzheimer's disease. Now you
got a memory loss. You can't find your own keys.

Interviewer: Mm-hmm.

Dr. Liu: So when your young, you actually have to build up brain, so if you
do a lot of mental work, you know. when your young, or you do a lot of
physical exercise as your young, so you have a higher capacity. Remember,
when I told you when you reach to 85, you got a 50, 45 percent of chance
getting Alzheimer's, but there is another 55 percent of population who
never got troubles. 85, so who are they? Right? So there are people who got
trouble because of their family. So if your family have Alzheimer's
disease, then you have to be more worried than those family who doesn't. So
that's number one.

Number two actually is associated to the phosphorus, so if you eat very
greasy food, you see, the key question is, where does the magnesium come
from? If you don't have to take a Magtein, you could get a lot of magnesium
from your food. I'm not here to sell this compound. I should help you in
your health, so that natural food like green vegetable, nuts, fish, those
really contain a high number of magnesium. If you take a lot of, let's
call, Mediterranean food, in fact there was a study to show people who take
Mediterranean food have less chance to get Alzheimer's disease,
significantly less.

So those are physical exercise, eating the green vegetable, nuts, fish.
Those are natural way to prevent Alzheimer's disease. A recent study
actually show that maybe the only thing we haven't proved is the Magtein
for Alzheimer's disease, something we're working on. But so far the only
thing which can really help you is physical exercises to stop Alzheimer's
disease. Physical exercise is the only thing works so far. So, obviously,
we are in the process to prove inhibition of brain magnesium is the other
one. Right? I mean, in terms of supplement or nutrition or health care
point of view about how to prevent Alzheimer's disease. So this is how we
What are the risk factors? Dr. Guosong Liu discusses the risk factors for memory loss conditions including Alzheimer's disease. Also find out the only known preventative so far for Alzheimer's disease.

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