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The importance of vitamin D is something that continues to get more attention.  But a recent study out of Tennessee is revealing the importance of magnesium in regulating vitamin d levels.

The study started after noticing some that were deficient in vitamin d did not see levels rise even after given high dosages of vitamin d supplements.  Vitamin d deficiency has been recognized as a large health problem in the US.  However the research showed that magnesium had a regulating effect on people with high vitamin d levels… and it also helped optimize vitamin d magnesium deficiency shut down the vitamin d synthesis and metabolism pathway.

One of the professors said that magnesium deficiency is under recognized ant that up to 80 percent of people do not consume enough in a day to meet guidelines.

A new report co-authored by the American Cancer Society, says that excess body weight accounted for nearly 4 percent of all cancers worldwide.

The report reviewed data from 2012… so the number is likely to increase as more numbers are analyzed in the following years.  in2016, about 40 percent of adults and 18 percent of children had excess body weight.  Overweight and obesity has bee linked to an increased risk of 13 cancers.  The World Health Organization lists stopping the rise in obesity has one if it’s nine 2025 targets to address the global problem of noncommunicable diseases, like cancer.

Finally… we all know exercise is good for us and you may have heard that it helps build bone mass… now we have a better idea how that happens.

A recently published study identified an exercise hormone that activates cells that are behind bone remodeling in mice.  The study might help future treatment of bone conditions like osteoporosis… which is behind nearly 9 million fractures every year around the world.

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