Are You Scheduled for 'The Most Brutal, Ungodly Test in Medicine'?

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Scott:  We get asked a lot to ask otherdoctors this question and let me ask you the same thing.  When someonegets diagnosed with cancer, what are some of the first things they should do? Because there's often a panic and a sense of fear that sets in.

 Cal Streeter:  I'll be honest with you. Our diagnostics are horrible.  When you're diagnosed with cancer,the first place you've been procrastinating.  ou've known there'ssomething going wrong.  You've had some changes to your stool habits,you've had some changes. You've had some pain you haven't been telling anybodyabout. Okay? 

 Scott: Mm-hmm.

 Cal Streeter: There's some things been going onthat you didn't tell anybody about.  And because of our cancer treatmentin America, we run scared. We don't want anybody to know we've got it.  

 They've been after me for 12 years to biopsy myprostate. Get out of here. The last time I, my PSA is always up a little bit.Probably the poorest test for prostate cancer. Okay?  

 Before I went to prison, it went sky high. Ibrought it down by myself. Nutritionally. Okay?  But, I thought I had aurologist friend. Probably the biggest enemy I've got. Last time I saw him hesaid, "Well, your prostate is a little bit boggy." He said,"I'll schedule you for an ultrasound and a biopsy in two weeks." I said, "No, you won't."  He said, "I'm thedoctor."  I said, "Yeah, but it's my body." He said,"Well, I've been a doctor longer than you have."  I said, "Yeah,but I'm older than you are and you're not going to biopsy my prostate." 

 Well, his resident called me two daysbefore I was supposed to have the biopsy and said, "You know, you'rescheduled for a biopsy day after tomorrow."  I said, "I hopeyou're prepared for it."  He said, "what do you mean?" I said, "I'm not showing up.  Better be prepared for yougetting a biopsy.  Besides, I had my brother check my prostate and he saidit's no different than it was ten years ago."  He said, "whatdoes your brother know about prostates?"  I said, "Well, he waschief of urology at the University of Chicago for a year."  He said,"Well, that's what I am is Chief Resident."  I said, "Yeah,but he finished."  I had no patience with him at all. 

 But they're all the same way. You know, theprostate has a nice, thick capsule around it. You punch a hole in that, youjust let a cat out of the bag you can't put back in. The only thing worse thanthat is a breast lump.  

 Scott:  Why?

 Cal Streetr:  The most brutal test and themost ungodly test in medicine is a mammogram.  

Scott:  Why is that?

Cal Streeter:  If you had tumor you'regoing to spread it all over the place, just mash it. The way you prepare a ladyfor a mammogram is lay her under the garage door and close the garage door onher.  They're 60% accurate and the amount of damage we do is not worth theinformation we're getting.   

I think our diagnostics are horrible. Okay? There's a lot of things you can do short of punching holes in people. Ifyou're so interested in making a diagnosis, and by the way the tissue diagnosisdoes not change the way we treat at all.

Scott: Okay

Cal Streeter: Because generally what happens isthe doctor goes back in the back room and punches the name in the computer andthe computer decides what protocol they're going to use because they had astudy program put on it. 

 Scott: Mm-hmm.

 Cal Streeter: All right?  Now here's whatburns me. Okay?  Patients will get surgery, they'll get chemotherapy,they'll get radiation, then they'll come see me.  Give me a break.

 Scott:  Because, why?  What do thoseother things do?

Cal Streeter:  Because the medicalprofession has made all the money they can make out of them, they're dying,they give them three months to live.  And now the patient is trying tofind help.



Find out why doctor Cal Streeter calls this common medical test this. Dr. Streeter discusses why he went against other doctors recommendations for his own testing and why some of those tests are 'horrible'.

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