Avoid The Shot, Here's Why You Get the Flu

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Interviewee:  We're doing this interview toward the tail-end of winter. We
just got through another flu season. We in-which we had epidemics again in
this country and then a flu shot shortage.

You have nurses getting fired because they won't get a flu shot. I mean
what's your thought? Then we also hear stories that this year's shot wasn't
very effective for a major population. We get conflicted stories.

Interviewer:  Have you ever gotten a cold outside of cold season?

Interviewee:  I have, yes. I think that pretty much puts to bed the idea of
flu season. The so-called Influenza bugs run around on our body. We're
covered by germs all the time. Most of them are our friends. We would die
without them which I didn't know growing up. They gave us antibiotics when
we felt like death because we were killing our mitochondria. We were
ripping out the essential lining of intestines and punching holes in it.
You get chronic fatigue and all kind of Candida problems and leaky gut and
all of the modern diseases from AIDS, CFS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, the
PIDs. This whole country is now apparently riddled by immune deficiency.

Flu season, I studied macrobiotics which is a Chinese medicine approach to
food and energy and cooking. I never really liked it. It's probably not for
everybody but I really like it. We looked at illness as discharge. If you
ate something that was in an extreme position, alcohol, sugar, white flour,
very, very yeasty things you would have a discharge. A discharge looks like
a cold. A very strong discharge will be a very bad cold. There's a concept
of expansive they call 'yen' and contractive they call 'yung', that symbol
that you see. All of life is broken expansive contractive and nothing is
just one thing so everything is both. Things are either more contractive,
more expansive. Very expansive things cause ... You drink a lot you expect
to feel sick, right? Similar you eat a lot of fried tense, right ... Deep
fried tightening, heavily salted things you expect to feel sick. If you eat
a nice dinner of lentils and vegetables and if you eat some fish, whatever
but it's a nice ... you do not expect to feel sick. If you eat in the
extreme or do pharmaceuticals which I consider extreme anyway but if you do
drugs or either plant or anything else it's a very, very expansive or
toxic, or very, very contractive or toxic food you're going to have
discharge. If you accumulate this for years or months you may have a giant
sudden onset of massive discharge.

Why doesn't very body get the flu if it's that bloody contagious? Why
doesn't the whole world die when one person sneezes because it's not the
way the world works we're incredibly resilient. We're actually far too
resilient for our own good. The amount of poison that we live with if we
were a little weaker we might be more careful. We're bloody resistant do
you know? We can accumulate toxins for years until we start brewing
something really awful. Nobody's immune. I don't sit in the position of
being better than anybody in this. We all go to the other place. We're all
going to pass out of this world.  I don't sit in judgment of that. God
knows, whatever you believe in, when it is our time it is.

Flu season, I call it Baskin Robbins season. I watch people eating ice
cream in the middle of winter I'm thinking, "Where in your body does it
say, "Give me some RGBH infused chemically sterilized, pasteurized,
pesticide ridden frozen guck that I just need. It's December after all.
It's January, it's snowing a lot. I'm really missing this from my body."
You eat this, you don't feel that well. In two weeks you're throat is sore
and you think it's because you just passed a new germ. No, your body is
like, "You're screwing with me. I'm going to screw with you back. I have to
get rid of this stuff." That's the Chinese medicine perspective. It's a
discharge state. That's my answer to the flu season. Its steak and Baskin
Robbins, it's extreme foods. Find the middle, find the middle, always find
the middle.

Is there more to catching the flu that simply acquiring a 'bug'? Journalist Liam Scheff offers an explanation that may have you thinking twice about the annual flu shot. Find out what he says can be a major player in getting colds and the flu and what you can do about it.

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