Could This Be a Key to Alzeimer's Prevention?!

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Hi and welcome to this week’s edition of natural news headlines on ihealthtube dot com.

Your gut is often referred to as a ‘second brain’… now new research is showing a connection between that second brain and Alzheimer’s disease.

Research out of Sweden is indicating a strong connection between gut bacteria and the formation of Beta-amyloid plaques that are a signature of Alzheimer’s.   Researchers found mice suffering with Alzheimer’s had a different composition of gut bacteria compared to healthy mice.  In the study… intestinal bacteria from diseased mice was transferred to germ-free mice.  The result was a development of more beta-amyloid plaques in the brains compared to if they had received bacteria from healthy mice.  Researchers hope this new information might open doors to new opportunities for treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s.

We know that stress is damaging to the body and there are many ways to deal with stress… one new way might be taking prebiotics…

Prebiotics are known for their digestive benefits and are types of non-digestible fibers that probiotic bacteria feed on and are found in plant sources like asparagus… oatmeal… and legumes.  In a recent study… researchers in Colorado fed test rats a prebiotic diet for several weeks before a stressful test condition and compared those with rats who did not get the prebiotic diet.  The rats who at the probiotics did not have a disruption in gut microbiota from stress and recovered healthy sleep patters sooner than the control rats.  Researchers say the next step is to see if humans see those same stress benefits from prebiotics.

Finally… a weedy, invasive plant might be the key to disarming a powerful antibiotic-resistant staph bacteria.

Researchers at Emory University uncovered the chemical ingredients of the berries of the Brazilian peppertree… an invasive species common in Florida… and tested them against disease causing bacteria.  Researchers found that a composition extracted from the berries basically disarms the dangerous MRSA bacteria and prevents it from excreting toxins that damage tissue.  Stopping that process helps the body’s immune system better heal the wound.

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