Detoxing Fluoride is Difficult for These People...

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Interviewer: We talk a lot to doctors at the conferences that we go to
about detoxification. One, how long does fluoride stay in your system and
two, can you detox that out?

David Kennedy, DDS: If you take a dose of fluoride right now and you've got
good kidneys, half of it will be out by tomorrow.

Interviewer: Okay.

David Kennedy, DDS: So the other half gets stored in your bones. Some of it
for a lifetime. If you're a woman past menopause getting it out of your
bones is very difficult because there's very low bone turnover. Men, we
have bigger bones so we've got more places to park the poison. That's what
your body does with it. It doesn't want it so it parks it in the bone.  But
if you started lifting weights so that the bone actually flexes to the
point where the body thinks that bone is going to break it will start
turning that bone over and remodeling the bone to make it stronger. Every
time it turns bone over the kidney gets another chance to get it out. The
sad thing is people who have bad kidneys.  One out of nine people have
malfunctioning kidney in this country and their kidney is very weak at
getting fluoride out. So they need to be told to avoid it like the plague.
Well what are they supposed to do? Abandon the water supply? The answer to
that question is, yes, they must abandon the water supply.
Can you get rid of fluoride that might be stored in your body? Dr. David Kennedy discusses how the body tries to rid itself of fluoride and how tough it might be for certain people. Are you in that group?

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