Is This Diet A Key to Brain Health?

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New recommendations suggest that the key to lowering the risk of potentially deadly peanut allergies might be to start early.  New guidelines from the National Institute of Allergy and Infections Diseases now recommend introducing foods that contain peanuts as soon as babies can tolerate other solid foods.  Whole peanuts are not recommended because of their choking hazard, but creamy peanut butter or pureed food with nut power is recommended.

The new guidelines differ from recommendations made in 2000 that advised against giving babies peanuts before the age of three…

The popular Mediterranean Diet has long been thought to be good for your heart… now studies are showing it may also be good for your brain!  Researchers used MRIs to measure the brains of 400 healthy and dementia free people at age 73 and again at 76.

The study showed that those who stuck more closely to a Mediterranean-style diet… one high in vegetables, fruits, olive oil and whole grains… preserved their brain volume while those following other diets actually lost volume.  Those that adhered most to the Metiterranean diet saw an average 10 millimeter increase in brain volume. 

Finally… what does hearing loss and iron have in common?  Maybe more than you think!

Researchers studied over 300 thousand men and women… a small fraction had either hearing loss or iron deficiency anemia.  The study revealed  hearing loss was more prevalent among women in the sample and that the risk for hearing loss was nearly two and a half times as high in those with anemia.  The reason for the possible connection is unknown but animal studies suggest iron deficiency may reduce blood flow to the inner ear.

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In this week's edition of natural news headlines, learn about a possible connection between a certain diet and brain health. Also, there could be a connection between iron and hearing loss and find out what new recommendations might help prevent your child from a peanut allergy!

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