Do Some Hospitals Secretly Use This Cancer Treatment?

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Scott: What do you think of the treatments most often used in this country?  Chemotherapy, radiation, often times surgery.  Are those successful or safe methods of treatment?

Prof. Tullio Simoncini:  In my opinion, chemotherapy just makes short the life of people.  Radio therapy can be used all in the heart tissues, bone metastases, or bone lesions, always associated with sodium bicarbonate.  Surgery can be useful, if you use it with the sodium bicarbonate irrigation during and after the operation.  I do it.  In Italy, there are many, many hospitals that use sodium bicarbonate that use sodium bicarbonate secretly, because they, otherwise they would be persecuted.  Taking count that now, there are many official works, official works, that are saying sodium bicarbonate is effective, sodium bicarbonate is effective.  But since they can't do properly the treatment, they can just say 'it is not effective on primary tumor, but it prevents, from metastases'.  But that would be already a big victory.  But they cannot succeed in primary tumors because they don't know how to face it, how to attack it.  You need catheterization, port (inaudible), inject, local injections systemic.  But for each tumor, you have to make special procedure.  Not only orally.  See, take sodium bicarbonate with lemon, with maple syrup, they just neutralize sodium bicarbonate, so you don't have to mix sodium bicarbonate with something else.


Dr. Tullio Simoncini discusses common cancer treatments in this country. He also discusses one that he says, paired with sodium bicarbonate therapy, can be successful. He also talks about how and why many hospitals use this therapy in secret.

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