Sodium Bicarbonate Kills These Cancers

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Scott: Are there some cancers where that (sodium bicarbonate) doesn't respond as well, or...

Tullio Simincini: No.  Every cancer can respond.  The problem is you have to reach it, reach for it.  If you don't reach it, the cancer properly, you can not succeed.  For instance, bone cancer have, bone cancer has no circulation.  The vertebras, ribs, skull, so it is very difficult to cure it.  Esophageal cancer is very bad because there is no circulation.  There is not a particular circulation.  So it is difficult.  So, pleural metastasized cancers are difficult to cure.  But if you can cure breast cancer, bladder cancer, uterus cancer and skin cancer, you have 90 percent success rate.  60-70 percent prostate, liver, brain cancer.  Soft tissue cancers, if you can inject them, you have 90 percent, such as lymphomas or melanomas.  It depends.  Bad are lung cancer because with the oxygen, the fungus can defend itself better.  But in the mesothelioma, that has zero success rate in official oncology, with my method, 90 percent can regress, because pleural cavities is a very small space.  If you put sodium bicarbonate into this space, oh, you kill everything, because they cannot escape.  You can hunt them.  It is a very good pleasure to destroy them!  Yes....


Dr. Tullio Simoncini discusses the success rate that sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda has on a variety of different types of cancer. Find out which cancers respond better to this treatment and why, based on his experience.

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