How Baking Soda Became a Cancer Treatment

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Scott: So how did you come across sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, as a treatment for cancer?

Tullio Simoncini: I was young, young.  I was maybe, I had the diploma.  And I followed many alternative carers, not doctors.  And I figured out psoriasis was a fungus.  I treated it with iodine tinctures with success.  In a moment of desperation, I thought, I made the good (intelligible).  So, psoriasis was said incurable, unknown illness.  But I saw, I know it was a fungal infection and I could cure it.  I said maybe another incurable, unknown illness, cancer, is a fungus.  That was the (intelligible).  But I was was desperate.  Desperate because people were dying and I couldn't accept it.  I could reach the fungal (intelligible) on cancer from the psoriasis.  Wait a minute.

You could cure psoriasis with the iodine tincture, but I thought how can I cure the tumor, fungal infection is inside?  It is impossible with the iodine tincture.  But I thought, in the oncologic pediatric wards where I worked, I took the diploma, in the University, we could eliminate the fungal infection, the thrush of the baby with a sodium bicarbonate.  At that time, I tried to give sodium bicarbonate intravenously.  

One of the first patients, a guy, a child, 11 years old was in coma.  He was in coma.  15 days in coma, he went to the University from the south of Italy.  And the mother of this guy told me, I would give everything to speak, if I could speak with him even if I know that he has to die.  At that moment, I prescribed, in the University, sodium bicarbonate intravenously, double dosage.  And after 7 hours I came back, the young boy was speaking with his mother.  In one day, in 7 hours, the sodium bicarbonate cut off, partially, I don't know, just cut off the fungal colonies and the guy woke up.  He had localization of lymphoma in the brain.  That was one of the first achievements and I was, I figured out immediately the power of sodium bicarbonate.  And I continued.  I have more than one thousand people completely healed.



Dr. Tullio Simoncini discusses how he discovered sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, could be a successful treatment for cancers. He discusses how a treatment for psoriasis led to him trying something different for cancer patients. He also gives an example of how well and quickly it worked in one of his patients!

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