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Interviewer: Doctor, let's talk about breathing a little bit, and having
talked to a number of doctors, it seems clear that we don't maybe
concentrate enough on that or spend enough time doing it correctly or
deeply enough. Can you explain that a little bit?

Patrick Quillin, PhD, RD, CNS: Humans and all mammals are aerobic
organisms, as in we require oxygen. There have been some interesting papers
written saying that over the course of the past few centuries we have
reduced the oxygen content of the planet Earth by cutting down so many

We cut down roughly the equivalent of the State of Pennsylvania in trees
every year. That's what's going on with the deforestation and when you
realize that trees are the lungs of the Earth, trees are these huge
photosynthetic factories and they take in carbon dioxide and water and with
the action of photosynthesis, they produce oxygen as their by-product,
that's their waste product, their urine, that's what we need and the more
we cut down trees the less oxygen there is. So that's my first gripe.

And then the second thing is, you're right, people don't focus on the
importance of breathing, belly breathing, literally is saying that without
your chest going out, can you push your stomach out, which is diaphragm
breathing, which is sucking air, oxygen into the lower part of the lungs
and it's fully oxygenating the tissue because, cancer is an anaerobic
organism. It does best in anaerobic environments, which is why some
interesting studies have said, if you give niacin, which is one of the B
vitamins, if you give that to a cancer patient before you go in and give
them radiation therapy, you have a much higher tumor kill, because you've
oxygenated the tissue.

It sounds like a strange question, but are you getting enough oxygen when you breath? There are different ways to get the needed oxygen to your cells. However we often don't do it correctly. Dr. Patrick Quillin discusses the need for oxygen and how it can help treat disease.

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