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Scott: Bob, you talk about chemo and radiation.  Do you see patients who are in the middle of those treatments or who have undergone those?  And how can those side effects, as we've loosely called them, can they be helped through the nutrition and some of the things that you do at the clinic?

Bob Wright: Well, Scott, here's another sad state of affairs.  95 percent of people don't come to see us, or alternative practitioners until they've already undergone chemo and radiation and surgery in most cases.  All three of which weaken or destroy the immune system and all three of which cause or spread cancer.  Isn't that kind of ironic?  But probably up to 95 percent of people don't come until they've done that.  

What's sad about that is, they're still sick, and they're still looking for help.  And in many instances, because the new platinum based chemotherapies will destroy your brain and your heart and all your organs, we can't help them.  Even though we will try.  Their immune systems are so weakened or destroyed.  And there's nothing that can heal a patient when their immune system is gone.  They're the walking dead.  And so, yes, they do come to us.  We help as many as I can.

The second thing that's sad about that is that many of them wont do what's necessary to save their own lives.  They figure they've gone through the gold standard in American in cancer care.  If that didn't help them, some crack pot, who's advancing alternative medicine, which isn't really alternative, we're as conventional as it gets, can't possibly help them.  And so they're convinced that they're gonna die.  And if you're convinced you're gonna die, you're gonna die. If you're convinced that you're gonna live, in most instances, you're gonna live.

So, it's really a sad state of affairs.  The come to us, we do as well as we can with that 95 percent, and there's success.  And you can talk with alternative practitioners, and there are more and more of them throughout the United States, we're encouraged by that.  And they're having more success because we've got some game changers now.  We're really educating the people and we're being known as a force to be reckoned with.  The reason for that is that cancer patients and families are saying 'all our friends and family are dying, they're not being helped with this gold standard'.  And so they're starting, really starting now to look elsewhere, and they're getting help.  And many of them are rejecting conventional medicine now because they know it didn't help their mom, didn't help their dad, didn't help their grandpa, hasn't helped their sisters and brothers, it's not helping their children.   So we do the best we can with what we're given, some simply will not survive.  That's the sad part of conventional medicine. 


Can combining alternative and traditional cancer treatments be successful? Bob Wright, founder of the American Anti-Cancer Institute discusses alternative treatments and what the issue with over 90% of cancer patients that seek alternative treatments is.

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