Essential Oils: Do It Yourself

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Scott: So people can make their own essential oils, right?

Mindy Green: Oh, yes.

Scott: How do they start? Where do they go?

Mindy Green: Well, you can't make your own essential oils . . .

Scott: I mean . . .

Mindy Green: . . . but you can make your own end products.

Scott: Right. That's what I mean.

Mindy Green: The most simple way is to get an unscented body lotion and add a little bit of essential oil to that. You can make your own blends, and you can either do single notes or combinations of things. The citrus oils are wonderful for the skin. You do need to be cautious about using them with sun exposure. I mentioned lavender a lot. Geranium is wonderful for the skin, with anti-inflammatory benefits. Most cosmetic companies can't make those claims of anti-inflammatory; because it's really a drug claim. You kind of have to be your own cosmetic chemist, if you will. It's fun, it's easy, and it's very, very doable. There are many books on the market that will guide you in that process.

Scott: Are there any risks to doing it yourself?

Mindy Green: Not if you follow the safety guidelines and don't overdo the dilution. Other than that, you can't really make a mistake. If you add too much to the bath, you might feel some irritation, and irritation with any overdose of essential oil is best quelled with another carry oil, not by washing with water.

For more information, take a look at this Guide to Essential Oils.
Aromatherapist Mindy Green explains how you can use essential oils to make your own lotions or solutions for a bath. She discusses some common oils and how you can combine them to meet your own personal tastes.

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