Everyone Can Benefit From Chiropractic Care

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Interviewer: Can you talk just a little bit about chiropractic care? Who might need that? Or can that benefit everybody?

Dr. Vladimir Gordin: Everyone. I mean, in reality, what is chiropractic care? They would label it spinal manipulation. In reality if you know Hippocrates who is actually the father of medicine, he was manipulating spines. It's a known fact. He already did that. Galan, father of modern surgery who lived in the Roman empire, he actually, in his notes and books he written, if you want to fix radiculopathy coming down the arm, you're supposed to manipulate the spine and manipulate the neck. It's written. People knew it for thousands of years. So, who needs it? Everyone who actually needs it, because neurology is important. Everything comes from nerves. Everyone needs blood supply. That's osteopathy. It's okay to be checked out. I mean, in old times when there was no plague and the doctors actually put their hands on the patients then, because doctors were afraid to get sick themselves and they stopped touching people. Doctors knew that, oh there is something here I need to fix. And they adjusted or manipulated spines all the time. Then it kind of went from the mainstream, it kind of went to village bone setters. And then it kind of became science again because there was a need for that. Who needs it? Everyone. Do you like your kids to have scoliosis? Of course not. Do you know how many millions of people in the United States have lower back pain? And the struggling? Chiropractic can fix all of it, the majority of them, especially if you can do triangle of health, structural, chemical, emotional components. Because you know, if a person has chronic low back pain, obviously they're depressed because they're constantly in pain. You need to use emotional stuff. Obviously, how many people in the United States still have no clue that sugar is bad for them? And fast food is not good for them? So you need to educate people. You need to do that. So, chiropractic physician, like me in reality, healer who is supposed to teach, at the same time a teacher. Supposed to teach people how to be healthy, kind of on the family level. Mother, father, child. All three generations sometimes, because it's a family unit. You're not going to have three refrigerators for each person, yes? You need to actually keep it in the perspective that people know what to do at home without running to the doctors. I'm not supposed to teach people how to eat. They're supposed to know how to do it already. I think it makes sense. But they don't. That's why I actually have my books and DVDs to actually give them here and bring it home instead of running to me in pain for my time, you can educate yourself at home. That's what it's all about.


Dr. Vladimir Gordin is a chiropractor. Here he explains how everyone can benefit to some degree from chiropractic care. Find out a little of the history of chiropractic care and how it might benefit you.

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