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Hi and welcome to this week’s look at what’s making headlines in natural news on iHealthTube dot com.

Olive oil has been in the news quite a bit over the last decade because of it’s potential health benefits… now one more possible benefit can be added to the list.

Oleic acid is one of the main ingredients in olive oil… and new research is showing it can help prevent cancer causing genes from functioning in cells in the brain. Researchers found that oleic acid prevents a cell protein from stopping production of a molecule that is active in the brain and is known to suppress the formation of tumors.  

Of course its too early to say if consumption of olive oil may help prevent brain cancer but it may lead to possible therapies that could help prevent brain cancer.

And new research is pointing to another natural source that has shown promise in killing cancer.  Cannabinoids, when used in combination with chemotherapy are showing effectiveness in killing leukemia cells…

Research out of London found that combining existing treatments with cannabinoids had better results than chemotherapy alone.  The findings mean patients might get the same benefits with lower doses of chemotherapy. 

The lead author explains that the cannabinoid extracts are highly concentrated and purified and that smoking marijuana will not have a similar effect.We all probably know that what you eat plays a major role in your overall health… but now WHEN you eat might be just as important!

New research out of Pennsylvania indicates that eating later in the day could increase weight… insulin and cholesterol levels as well as have a negative affect on fat metabolism and hormonal markers linked to heart disease.

The study looked at two groups and found the one that ate later in the day… from noon to 11pm had increased weight and an increase in insulin… cholesterol and triglycerides compared to the group that ate between 8am and 7pm.  The lead author of the study said the findings suggest eating earlier in the day to help prevent some of these chronic health effects…

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In this week's natural news update, find out what olive oil and cannabinoids have in common when it comes to cancer. Also find out what is being learned about when you eat and how that might affect your health!

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