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Scott: So doctor, we talk about oils a lot.  People are still confused because there's so many different products out there.  You mentioned coconut oil, olive oil, corn oil, vegetable oil.  What are, in your opinion, maybe the three best versus the three to try to avoid?

Dr. Bob DeMaria: Olive oil is an excellent oil because it is an omega-9 oil.  We promote flax oil because flax oil is a precursor for long-chain fatty acids.  You don't ever heat flax oil.  We use a marine based oil, which would come from the sea.  You want smaller fish oil because the larger fish, often times can be quite toxic.  So you want to make sure you get your oils from a source that's pure and non-toxic.  

We do not promote genetically engineerd oils.  We do not promote soy oil.  We don't promote corn oil.  I don't promote canola oil.  And you know, people can debate and they say that canola oil is safe.  You know, I feel about canola like I did about trans fat years and years and years ago.

Olive oil, very simple.  It heats to about 300 degrees.  I didn't mention coconut oil because coconut oil's function is a little bit different than the flax oil and the olive oil and the marine oil.  It's not going to give you the same omega-3 that I'm looking for, compared to the other oils.  So coconut oil's ok to cook with, but it's not necessarily going to do these, some of these other health benefits that we've been talking about.  Especially heart health.


There are so many oils out there to cook with, for salads or for other uses in our diet. Which ones are the healthiest and what should we stay away from? Dr. Bob DeMaria discusses three oils that he recommends for health benefits. He also mentions a couple that he says we should stay away from. Find out why this doctor recommends these 3 healthy oils!

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