Could This Be a Key To Preventing Dementia?

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The Mediterranean diet has shown to have a variety of health benefits, but now scientists are looking more closely at key component of that diet for its role in dementia and brain health.  Researchers at Temple University have found that extra-virgin olive oil protects memory and reduces the formation of amyloid plaques and other markers of Alzheimer’s disease.

The team also found that olive oil reduced brain inflammation, in fact, one of the lead investigators said that olive oil could be better than fruits and vegetables alone and as a monounsaturated vegetable fat, its healthier than saturated animal fats.

And another example of those good fats is from a study out of Ohio that shows a high fat diet may help harmful inflammation in the gut.

The study showed that so called ‘good fats’ from plants like coconut oil and cocoa butter, drastically reduced the kinds of bacteria in the gut in mice with Crohn’s-like disease.  Crohn’s disease is a debilitating inflammatory bowel syndrome that causes intestinal swelling, cramping and other symptoms… The mice that were fed the fatty diets had up to 30 percent fewer kinds of gut bacteria and resulted in less severe intestinal inflammation.  

Researchers feel that changing bad fats with good ones can have a beneficial effect on gut bacteria and inflammation in Crohn’s patients.

Another way to help reduce dangerous inflammation… get enough sleep!

Research out of Ohio State University is showing a lack of sleep can leave you cranky for sure… but it also can put you at risk for stress-related inflammation.  That type of inflammation is linked with higher cardiovascular disease, arthritis and much more…

The study used 43 couples who provided blood samples and recorded hours of sleep the previous two nights… then they were asked to resolve a topic that sparks conflict in their marriage… then another blood sample the following morning.

Those who slept less had greater inflammatory response to the conflict.  And for every hour of sleep lost… the levels of two inflammatory markers rose 6 percent.

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A key component of the Mediterranean diet could be a major factor in helping prevent brain inflammation and dementia. Find out what that is. Also learn about what good fats can do to a common digestive condition. And more research is supporting the benefits of getting enough sleep. Find out where the connection is in this study!

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