Fruit is Good, But Eat This With it!

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Scott: You know, we've talked to a lot of people like you, and we've gotten so many different opinions when it comes to fruit and the sugar in fruit and how the body handles that.  We've heard the whole range.  Where do you sit on that and how the body handles sugar from fruit?

Tiffany Wright, PhD:  Right.  Sugar from fruit... it's a whole food and there is sugar.  We eat every type of fruit, there's no restrictions on my plan and we eat it twice a day.  When we're eating it, we're eating it with a protein, so again it's slowing down the glucose load.  I think any diet that says don't eat fruit, can't be healthy.  You know, it's fruit for God sakes.  We should be eating fruit.  We should be eating vegetables.  We should be eating grains.  We should be eating meat.  You know we need to eat all of these... I guess everyone doesn't need to eat meat.  Some people are vegetarians, but... 

Fruit's a basic food.  It should be eaten, it's good for you and has... it's full of nutrients.  The sugar in fruit is processed in a healthy way, especially if you're having it with a protein.  I would recommend people have it with some type of protein.  Even if it's a dairy type. 


There is a lot of confusion about the sugar found in fruits and how your body handles it. Is it the same as other sugars or is it different? Tiffany Wright, PhD, The Skinny Coach, discusses this type of sugar and suggests a type of food you should should eat with fruit and why. Find out

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