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Scott: Um, we are about a month away from October which, I think so many people now start to recognized as breast cancer awareness month.  We'll see, you know the town we live in, they hang bras from a building downtown, you'll see the pro sports teams wearing pink shoes, wristbands, I mean there's pink everywhere, there's ribbons everywhere.  Having been through that, what's your thought of those organizations and all the money that gets dumped into that?

Jenny Hrbacek:  They ruined pink for me.  I used to like the color.  And now... because they're not doing anything.  They're handing out wigs, they're telling people to get mammograms.  I'm telling you, these are late diagnostic tests.  I wish people knew the information that I gathered together that's in my book.  Because if they did, they would feel foolish.  They would feel really foolish.  They should be, they should be having an early diagnostic cancer... you know, cancer awareness month, is what they should be doing.  Instead of this pink, this pink... I don't even like pink anymore.  I go into a store and I'll see a great... something in pink and I'm like, do you have this in another color?  Because it's marketing.  It's big money.  And it's not saving lives.  More people are dying than ever.  We're not getting anywhere with this pink thing.  I mean, the proof's in the pudding.  We're just not.  

The best thing is.  Find cancer early.  I had somebody call me and ask me to help them get the... a mammogram truck out and I thought, really?  No.  I don't think I can do that.  Then I had to explain why.  It's like trolling for business.  I said, maybe a thermography truck?  You know, something that's non toxic?  Yeah, I have a tough time during breast cancer prevention month.  Because there's really no prevention going on.  Zero.  When you have organizations handing out ice cake pops, and mammogram trucks running up and down the street, that's not prevention... at all, in my mind.  It's trolling for business. 


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October is now known as breast cancer awareness month. But breast cancer survivor and registered nurse Jenny Hrbacek has a different view. Learn how she feels about the campaign and the flood of pink during the month. Also find out why she feels so strongly about a campaign and a testing method that's supposed to help treat a condition she went through!

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