Is This the Healthiest Flour to Use?

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Dr. Bruce Fife: One of the other advantages with coconut flour is that it is very high in dietary fiber.  In fact, it's the highest source of dietary flour among all the flours. 

Raema Morgan: Wow!

Fife:  Let me give you an example.  Look at wheat bran.  Wheat bran is used as a dietary fiber.  Well, coconut flour has twice the fiber content as wheat bran, but tastes a whole lot better.  I mean it's a very pleasant tasting flour.  It has four times the fiber of whole wheat flour and 20 times the fiber as white, enriched flour.

Morgan:  Well, just about anything would have more fiber than that.  But that's astonishing!

Fife: It is astonishing, and the high fiber content of the flour is one of the health benefits to it.  Now, people will say, well, fiber, it's going to taste like cardboard!

Morgan: Right...

Fife:  No!  It tastes very pleasant.  If you take a pinch of coconut flour and tasted it, it would taste just like any ordinary wheat flour.  And when you make products with coconut flour, it doesn't taste like coconut, it's pretty neutral and so it tastes like whatever you want to make.  So if you want to make a loaf of bread, it tastes like bread, if you want to make a chocolate cake, it tastes like chocolate cake.  If you want to make a cherry cake, or a raisin nut bread, it tastes like those things.  So it takes on the flavor, whatever you want to make, it tastes like, just like regular wheat flour.  It's an excellent alternative, and the products made with coconut flour are very easy to make and they're actually very delicious.


Dr. Bruce Fife discusses the benefits of coconut flour and compares it to other commonly used flour products. Find out why coconut flour might be a better, healthier option!

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