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Scott: In your process of dealing with your own cancer, what did you learn about the importance of prevention as maybe a first step of treatment instead of waiting until you actually have it?

Dr. Charles Majors: Yeah, the only cure for cancer is never getting it in the first place.  Right?  There's never... we think that we're going to find some cure under some rock or we're going to have some vaccine or whatever.  It's been how many years now?  You can't cure a symptom.  You're not gonna cure high blood pressure.  Are you going to be able to take a pill maybe and eliminate, or lower blood pressure, or take a pill and eliminate your cholesterol and lower it down?  Are you going to take a pill and eliminate some of the cancer?  Absolutely.  But in order to truly eradicate cancer, you have to never get it in the first place.  And to never get it, you have to make sure the environment is such that the cancer has no way to live in that environment.

Scott:  I think it's kind of ironic that a lot of the medical establishment these days push for... one of the steps for prevention is early detection and getting those tests.  But if you detect it... it doesn't prevent cancer, it still shows up if you have it, so it doesn't seem to really fit...

Majors: No, without a doubt we have probably the best medical tests in the world.  There's probably no better anywhere else.  But it's early detection of a disease that's already existing.  It's already there.  So I could run MRIs and PET scans and CAT scans on you and I could do mammograms, I could do all the tests on you and when would it find cancer?  After you have it.  Thank God.  And thank God we now have some earlier tests.  We can actually see now, that if I send a test through the Greek labs or, I could see the circulating stem cells or I can see circulating tumor cells.  Even then, it's still there, but at least we find it before a tumor starts, we find it before the cancer starts.  But still, we need to figure out why that cancer got there in the first place.  We have to study the environment of the body, what causes it, change the environment, so that cancer has no chance in living.




Dr. Charles Majors went through cancer and treatment. In this video, he discusses what he calls the only cure for cancer. He also discusses the thought that early detection is being used as a 'preventive' measure by standard medical care.

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