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Scott: I think in that book you also have a section called foods to adore and foods to abhor.  Just give us the top couple in each group so people can kind of get started.

Dr. John Salerno: Well you have to adore things like butter and olive oil and foie gras and cheeses for example.  And potato chips and pretzels are the ones we clearly need to stay away from.

Scott: A lot of people that we've talked to talk about coconut oil.  What are your thoughts on that right now?

Salerno: Coconut oil is quite interesting.  It's part of palmitic acid and stearic acid and caprylic acid, which are all saturated.  They're medium chain saturated fats.  And again, they're promoting health and memory because they're nutrients for the outside of our neurons, our brain cells.  So there's clearly a lot of interest in that.  We talk about it particularly with the Fight Fat With Fat book and the Salerno Solution.  We've had patients that take it every day.  It seems to improve memory.  It seems to be a preventative for Alzheimer's, for example.  So a lot of good research coming out on coconut oil.  


Dr. John Salerno discusses coconut oil and what we know today about the potential benefits. He also discusses a section in his book called 'foods to adore and foods to abhor.' Find out which foods are on that list!

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