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Interviewer:  Doctor, you've been on this track for five, six years?

Dr. Newport:  Almost five years, four and a half years.

Interviewer:  Okay. You mention that your husband is just one case, but you
saw improvement with coconut oil with his Alzheimer's. In the last five
years, what else have you seen with other patients that have tried this
throughout the country?

Dr. Newport:  Yeah. Well, it didn't get out in the big press, but it got
out in the grassroots method. I basically tried to present this information
at the Alzheimer's Association in the Exhibit Hall in 2008. I'd written an
article, and it basically was a case study of (inaudible 00:00:39) and they
had a booth. It just wasn't available at that point, but they turned me
down and they wouldn't let me distribute the information. This was the
5,000 researchers.

My feeling about that was, "These people are intelligent enough that they
can read this and decide is this something that is logical." I mean, it's
biochemistry 101. I hoped to simulate research that maybe someone there
would pick up the gantlet and research ketones, but that didn't happen. So,
I had written an article and I started distributing it to health food
stores locally.

Then the St. Petersburg Times in Tampa picked up on it and they ran a
story. That's when it really started getting out on the Internet. Then,
after that, I started hearing back from people who had also tried it. I
personally collected about 220 case reports. Most of them are people with
various types of dementias, mostly Alzheimer's.

But I had heard from - for example, there's a man with Lou Gehrig's
disease, ALS. He's been taking about nine tablespoons of coconut oil now
for over three years, and he's been stable for three years. This is a
disease where it's uniformly fatal...

Interviewer:  Oh, yeah.

Dr. Newport:  ...usually by three to five years into the disease. He's been
stable now for almost four years. He was two years into the disease at that
point. The 700 Club, they did a little story on Steve and I last January,
and they are going to run a follow up story. He's interviewed. He's going
to be on this story. Also a man with Parkinson's, he'll be featured. He
started taking it last January and regained balance so that he was able to
start skiing again, and some interesting things like that.

Interviewer:  Oh, wow.

Dr. Newport:  I've heard from about maybe 15 people with Parkinson's that
feel like they've had a significant improvement. Some of them are subtle,
more gradual and some people are fairly dramatic. I felt that Steve was
relatively dramatic. Over two weeks, really a lot of symptoms had improved
over just a relatively short time.

Interviewer:  You mentioned you had over 200 cases that you have seen. When
it comes to Alzheimer's or dementia, what's the - I don't want to say
success rate, but have a majority of them seen improvement or at least a
slowing down of the progression?

Dr. Newport:  Yeah. It's a little hard to say because I don't know. The
people that write to me, if they don't respond, I think they're less likely
to write to me.

Interviewer:  Sure.

Dr. Newport:  But I do have people that write to me and say, "We saw
absolutely no response." I'd say nine out of ten people that write to me
feel that there was some improvement.

Interviewer:  Okay.
Dr. Mary Newport treated her husbands Alzheimer's Disease with coconut oil and saw outstanding results. Here, she discusses results from others that she's contacted. The improvements range in conditions from ALS to Parkinson's Disease.

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